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To direct an inquiry to the Trustee, please use the Contact Us form on this page below. Prior to doing so, please review the following guidelines.

This website is a public informational website established in accordance with the requirements of each of the Trusts. It is designed for the posting of the materials required by each Trust. The Trustee is happy to respond to inquiries where appropriate and as required by each of the State Trust and Indian Tribe Trust, in accordance with its duties under each of the Trusts, including the following:

  • To distribute Trust Assets, including funds for approved Eligible Mitigation Actions
  • To engage a professional Investment Manager to receive, manage, invest, reinvest, supervise, and protect the Trust Assets for the benefit of the Beneficiaries
  • To maintain the books and records relating to the Trust Assets and income and the payment of expenses of and liabilities against each of the Trusts
  • To make a full and accurate accounting of all Trust Assets, in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”)
  • To file on behalf of the State Trust and Indian Tribe Trust all required Tax Returns, which shall be completed in consultation with Tax Professionals, ensure compliance with withholding and reporting requirements, and pay any and all Taxes

Questions regarding Eligible Mitigation Actions:

Selection and monitoring of Eligible Mitigation Actions are solely the responsibility of the Beneficiaries. The Trustee shall have no duty to monitor or supervise the use of Trust Funds paid in accordance with the Beneficiary’s Eligible Mitigation Action Certification (Appendix D-4) and Funding Direction forms or any Beneficiary’s compliance with an Eligible Mitigation Action. The Trustee may rely upon, with no further duty of inquiry, and shall be protected in acting upon, the certifications made by and delivered to it by the Beneficiaries (see subparagraph 3.5.4 of the Trusts). If you have questions or would like more information regarding Eligible Mitigation Actions, please contact the Lead Agency contact(s) designated for each Beneficiary. This contact information will be posted, in time, on this website.

Inquiries By Mail:

VW Environmental Mitigation Trust
c/o Wilmington Trust, N.A., as Trustee
1100 North Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19890
Attn: Russell Crane, Vice President


Media Inquiries:

For any media inquiries to the Trustee, please contact Maya Dillon, Wilmington Trust Public Relations Manager, at (212) 415-0557.

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