Minnesota Chippewa Tribe - Bois Forte Band

Welcome to the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe - Bois Forte Band webpage of the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust for Indian Tribe Beneficiaries (the “Indian Tribe Trust”). Pursuant to a Notice of Beneficiary Designation (“NBD”) filed by the Trustee with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California (the “Court”), Minnesota Chippewa Tribe - Bois Forte Band has been designated as a Beneficiary of the Indian Tribe Trust. For additional information and a copy of the NBD as filed with the Court, please click the “Indian Tribe Trust” tab at the top of this page and review the section titled Notice of Beneficiary Designation. Please download and read the NBD for additional details.

As a Beneficiary, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe - Bois Forte Band is responsible for selecting Eligible Mitigation Actions and certifying that any such Eligible Mitigation Action meets all the requirements of the Indian Tribe Trust. The Trustee shall have no duty to monitor or supervise the use of Trust Funds paid in accordance with the Beneficiary’s Eligible Mitigation Action Certification (Appendix D-4) and Funding Direction forms or any Beneficiary’s compliance with an Eligible Mitigation Action. The Trustee may rely upon, with no further duty of inquiry, and shall be protected in acting upon, the certifications made by and delivered to it by the Beneficiaries. (See paragraph 3.5.4 of the Trust). 

Each Beneficiary is responsible for oversight of the proposed Eligible Mitigation Action (see paragraph 5.2.7 of the Trust) and each Beneficiary is required to maintain and make publicly available all documentation submitted in support of the each funding request and all records supporting all expenditures of Eligible Mitigation Action funds, subject to applicable laws governing the publication of confidential business information, together with an explanation of the procedure by which the Beneficiary shall make such documentation publicly available (see subparagraph of the Trust). Beneficiaries are also responsible for certifying that all vendors were selected in accordance with state or tribal public contracting laws, as applicable (see paragraph 5.2.5 of the Trust).

Questions regarding Eligible Mitigation Actions: If you have questions or would like more information regarding Eligible Mitigation Actions, please contact the Lead Agency designated for this Beneficiary:

  • Minnesota Chippewa Tribe - Bois Forte Band, Community Development & Planning Division, 5344 Lakeshore Drive, Nett Lake, MN 55772

What You Will Find Here

On this webpage, you will find current and historical information and reports concerning Eligible Mitigation Actions, including (with references to sections of the Indian Tribe Trust agreement):

From the Trustee

  • Funding Requests (Approve, Deny, Request Modification/More Info) (5.2.16)
  • Semi-Annual Reporting (3.3.1)

From the Beneficiary

  • Funding Requests (D-4 Submission) (5.2.14)
  • Semi-Annual Reports (5.3)


Indian Tribe-Specific Reports

Semi Annual Reporting Package

No documents available at this time.

Beneficiary Reporting Obligation

Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Fourth Funding Cycle Semi-Annual Report November 8, 2021 to May 8, 2022

Last updated 05/12/2022 | PDF

Previous Reports

Report Name Updated Link to download
Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Semi-Annual Report Third Funding Cycle 10/2020-4/2020 05/18/2021 Download PDF
Report Name Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Semi-Annual Report Third Funding Cycle 10/2020-4/2020
Updated 05/18/2021
Download PDF

Funding Requests

Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Truck Replacement

Approved by Trustee | Last updated 10/02/2020 | PDF

Indian Tribe Trust Agreement

For a copy of the executed Indian Tribe Mitigation Trust agreement, please click here.

Download PDF

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Disclaimer: This page is intended to be a helpful summary of some of the key points of the State Trust Agreement and the Indian Tribe Trust Agreement. If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the information on this page and the terms of the State Trust Agreement and/or the Indian Tribe Trust Agreement, the terms of the State Trust Agreement and/or the Indian Tribe Agreement shall govern. This website will be updated as more required information is available and approved for release.